Assignment 2

The ending of an age.

Ambient light: 1/60 @ f4 iso1600
Rembrandt light: 1/100 @ f3.8 iso640
Free flash as main: 1/80 @ f3.5 iso800

This series of portraits is about Eric the projectionist at the Beaubien cinema. With the evolution in the movie industry, this craft is about to disappear and I found interesting to show Eric’s working place.
I would see this series in any publication writing about cinema no matter what country because this craft is the same anywhere. (

As I didn’t have a light-meter with me, I couldn’t measure the strength of the flash so I just had to make a few tries before the final shot and because the guy was working, I couldn’t actually tell him to stand there while I was getting ready so I just got ready and then I told him where to stand.

See the whole series here

1/60 @ f4 iso1600

1/100 @ f3.8 iso640

1/80 @ f3.5 iso800


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